Chicago Plant Workers Who sit-in WIN !!! Bank Extends Credit.

This has been a fascinating story to watch. In essence, workers win for once. Good for you! I have been watching, my family has been watching, America has been watching. I congratulate the employees of the Republic Windows and Doors factory. If there is ever an example of a bank hoarding money after getting a federal tax payers bailout (your money, my money) this story is a clear cut reason.

Story below:

Chicago Breaking News

Bank of America says it will extend credit to a Chicago window and door manufacturer whose workers have occupied the factory for five days.

The bank says it’s willing to give the Republic Windows and Doors factory “a limited amount of additional loans” so it can resolves claims of employees who have staged a sit-in since Friday.

The factory closed last Friday after Bank of America canceled its financing.

Workers were given three days notice. But they refused to leave and vowed to stay there until receiving assurances they would receive severance and accrued vacation pay.

The bank has been criticized for cutting off the plant’s credit after taking federal bailout money.