Christophe Champenois Murders son in Washing Machine

Christophe Champenois has been charged with murdering his son by shoving him in a washing machine and turning it on. The incident was punishment for the child’s behavior. The 3-year-old boy – Bastien, reportedly threw a classmate’s drawing in a toilet at nursery school. This was not the first time the child had been punished in this manner.

The French newspaper Le Parisien reports

Maud, Bastien’s five-year-old sister, told Fidelio, the husband of a neighbor, that it wasn’t the first time that her father put the little boy in the machine. Sometimes, he locked his son inside for two hours to punish him.

The boys grandmother called Bastien an “unwanted child.” She reported that on the day of Bastien’s birth, the boy’s father, Christophe, was drinking with his friends and told her he didn’t want the child.

The toddler died of head injuries. Police charged Christophe Champenois, Bastien’s father with murder of a minor in Meaux, France. The man’s wife has also been arrested for non-assistance of a person in danger.