Fake Doctor Pumps Victims with Concrete, Superglue, and Sealant

Several possible victims are alleging a woman posing as a Florida doctor and promising buttocks enhancement pumped their butts with a toxic concoction of cement, superglue, and flat-tire sealant. Oneal Ron Morris who police say was born a man and identifies as a woman  was arrested Friday after being sought for nearly a year. Authorities say one victim paid Morris $700 for injections in 2010. Morris allegedly used a type of tubing and inserted the toxic chemicals into her backside during a painful procedure. The victim suffered permanent scarring around the injection sites and required multiple surgeries. State health officials have said that several possible victims have come forward alleging Morris performed similar procedures resulting in life-threatening injuries. The 30-year-old Morris has been released from jail on bond. Authorities have said Morris may be part of an underground plastic surgery ring in South Florida. Health officials said additional arrests are possible, but did not elaborate because it’s an ongoing investigation.