Paris Hilton – You Deserve Jail, Take it like a Real Woman, Martha did..

Dear Paris Hilton,

You deserve jail time you uppity twit. Take your 45 days in jail like a woman and stop sobbing like a baby on the television screens. Tell your mother, lawyers, and the rest of your posse to go seclude themselves AWAY from the cameras because they are proving to the rest of us NORMAL people what a really shrewd person YOU are. You knew good and damn well that your license was expired when you decided to get behind the wheel of your expensive luxury car not one time but twice AND that you were suppose to enroll in your Alcohol Education Course by Feb. but you decided not too. I guess you felt you were too good to follow the rules like the rest of us low life citizens. I guess you are better than us peeps huh? I mean for goodness sakes, who the heck relys on their damn publicist to tell them whether or not their damn license is expired or not? Did your publicist get the ticket? You are such a liar! Remind me why people should look up to you as a role model and why they should buy anything you endorse?

I guess you think that you can break the rules and violate your probation and your money will set you free. I am glad the prosecutors asked for jail time. It is sometimes inevitable that someone of your celebrity status who walks around like a primped up Barbie doll oblivious to the world and contributes absolutely nothing positive at all will eventually get put down to a lower level. I hope that your eyes will be opened up to a much bigger world and you will see more than just your ugly little self.


A Lower Class American and Proud of it