Pictures – EMO Girl – Do you know her? If so Get her Some Help Immediately!

am concerned about this woman seriously. She is posting on this site cutting on herself something fierce and then stitching herself back up. I don’t even know if I should call her EMO. Maybe almost suicidal.. The cuts she is performing on herself is literally to the bone and then she is taking pictures and posting them. I dont see how she is able to walk or use her arms as she has to be hitting some tendons and ligaments.

It’s quite sad and shocking. I have never quite seen anything like it and I warn anyone about to scroll down that if you are queasy about this sort of thing then please click away.
If anyone knows this lady please have a chat with her and get her some help immediately. Her name is possibly Joan based on a scrawling in one of the photos. Looking at these pics broke a piece of my heart. I wonder if she is even alive after seeing these pictures.
Link to the forum she is posting on:
And now…