Teem Mom Jenelle Evans is Being Exploited by James Duffy for $2000.

I was handed this information about an hour ago and after reading up on the whole mess I feel really disgusted right now. You know… Nobody is perfect. However if we try to better our lives or try to do things to better ourselves there are always those that want to destroy it. Especially if we are doing better than them.

Look at Teem Mom Jenelle Evans for example. The MTV starlet has a son and also has had some issues with trying to jumpstart her life. I think alot of us have had to get a jumpstart or two. However it seems that now she has to contend with so called friends that are publishing racy photos and texts and now want to sell her Identity essentially.

So lets start from the beginning…

Yesterday a man named James Duffy started posting  pictures and a video as well as supposed text messages that show the teem mom kissing a girl and partying. He than started posting these items on his Twitter account. He states that the reason he is posting these items is because he wants to show Jenelle for what she really is…

Well it appears there may be another motive behind the whole thing. James Duffy wants money. He is shopping around photos, video, and other text messages for a measley 2000$.

So I am just curious.. How does a man who is much older than Jenelle find it within himself to not only exploit her for money, but also allow minors to drink alcohol under his roof? Is he not in the wrong for this? Could he essentially go to jail for this? Why would he be willing to risk his own freedom just to exploit a young semi-famous lady?

Also there is a few articles on the net  today that are alleging James Duffy also poisoned Jenelle and her friend.

He told Jenelle’s business manager via Facebook that he wanted to give the girls Spanish scorpion as an aphrodisiac, but whatever he gave them allegedly made them extremely ill and black out. Jenelle recalls: “I threw up all night long and until the next morning, and Tori had to go home and throw up all the next day.”

I’m calling Bullshit… Exploitation is just wrong.

See pics for conversation that occured via DM on Twitter.